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The Runway Light Pendant™ Collection Takes Flight on the Railroadware Tracks

Runway Light Penfant Collection4a  Runwayr_Light__Pendant_Poster 6c

The Runway Light Pendant™ – 120V, 6w/580 lumen, LED, dimming made from a Fresnel lenses dome providing a distinctive visual decor to your kitchen, office or restaurant. Achieve a rustic industrial or a modern look that people will notice and appreciate the optical performance & origins.

Each LED fixture is ready to hang with hardware & instructions. See our accessories for metal rings, hoods vents and trafficlight lenses. Inquire about our 12V LED Monopoint fixture systems that are UL Listed. 12V UL Listing is available if needed. Work on a variety of monorail track light series. – WAC, H, J & L