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  • Wall Hook Union Pacific 5aWall Hook Union Pacific 1a

    Insulator Wall Hook or Hanger – Union Pacific Railroad Pin Logo

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  • piston arm pot pan hangerpiston connector rod pot pan hanger

    Piston Connector Rod Pot & Pan Hanger 18″ – 44″ polished steel (wall, ceiling mounted)

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  • Railroad Anchor Door Handle on excutcheonRailroad Anchor Door Handle on excutcheon

    Railroad Anchor Door Handle Escutcheon Plate 3 x 14

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  • Railroad Spike Wall hookRailroad Spike Wall hook

    Railroad Spike Wall Hook Hanger 2″ (Medallion)

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  • Pin Cobb Wall HookPin Cobb Wall Hook

    Wall Hook or Hanger – Wood Insulator cobb & cast iron ring

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  • railroad spike beer rack trainrailroad spike beer rack train

    Railroad Spike Beer Rack Train 44″ – 6 pack

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  • Railroad Anchor Door Stop Floor Mounted

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Showing 49–55 of 55 results