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The Rail Anchor Bracket Paper TP Dispenser is a functional piece of heavy duty railroad hardware with a rustic lacquer finish and welcome in any home or commercial ADA restroom.

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It comes with a Rail Anchor Bracket – 10″ wide , 7″ tall, 4″ deep. 1- 1/2″ dia. 10″ long rod. & 2- screw fastening hardware.

The rod is removed from the Rail Anchor Brackets making the dispenser easy to change TP rolls. These are really cool TP dispensers.


1-  Complete Railroad Rail Anchor (bracket, rod & mounting screws)

2-  1/4″ x 1 1/2″ wood screw lag bolts &

2- gyp. bd. screws.

Uses: hooks, hangers, door & cabinet pulls, barn door hardware, door handles, coat racks, TP dispensers…

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This industrial artifact is an abstract modern sculpture that makes a great iPad iPhone picture stand. This timeless piece has done time on the rails and cleans up real nice. It will make a handsome addition to your kitchen or office desk. The rail anchor is welded to a steel plate all with a hand polished lacquer finish. The steampunk sculpture can be oriented with flat stock steel base down as a desktop sculpture picture holder or the flat stock on the side of the rail anchor for the bookend.

Rail anchors are giant springs pounded onto the bottom flange of the steel rail to act as a lateral stiffener between the rail and the perpendicular wooden railroad tie. They are an integral piece of structural fastening and bracing hardware to transfer force to the railroad tie without being attached to it.

Rail anchors clamp onto the base of the rail snug against both sides of the railroad tie. This forces the rail to move the tie along the axis of the track if it tries to slide or expand or contract. Since expansion or contraction generally cannot exert enough force to move all the ties, the rail will expand or contract in the perpendicular direction instead of along the axis of the track.

Height: 6″  Width: 6″  Depth: 2″

Wt. 3.7 LB each


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 7 in