Aqua Blue Disk Glass Insulator Earrings on Sterling Silver Ear Wires


One of my newest additions to my creations are these light aqua blue disc earrings on sterling silver wires. The measurements are approx. 10.4mm round or (.41″) and (3.3mm) thick . Since these are hand cut, faceted and carved no 2 are alike.

Antique insulator glass brought back to life. Beautiful custom earrings are made from salvaged broken insulator pieces carved into unique designs shapes and figurines. The broken pieces are tumbled and sorted and then I use my imagination decide what animal or creature it looks like, then I start sculpting.
Because this is very old glass it is not without imperfections like bubbles, lines and inclusions.

Once I am satisfied, I begin the 5 step smoothing and polishing. This process can take several hours for just one piece.

These earrings will be shipped to you in a gift box, with jewelry care instructions. The gift can also be shipped directly to the recipient and can include a personal message