Celtic Aqua Acorn Insulator Jem Pendant Sterling Silver Rope Chain 9


This aquamarine pendant is what I call the Acorn and it measures 19.2mm height and 16.5mm wide, (.75″ x .65″) and the chain is a 20″ sterling silver rope chain.

Antique insulator glass brought back to life. Beautiful custom pendants made from salvaged broken insulator pieces carved into unique designs shapes and figurines.
All are one of a kind pendants, the glass cores I cut in 3 different sizes and lengths and all are the natural unique insulator colors. The broken pieces are tumbled and sorted and then I use my imagination decide what animal or creature it looks like, then I start sculpting.
Because this is very old glass it is not without imperfections like bubbles, lines and inclusions.

Once I am satisfied, I begin the 5 step smoothing and polishing. This process can take several hours for just one piece.
This pendant is a stunning clear aquamarine color the cylinder measures .77″ tall and .64″ wide and is made with all sterling silver 925 components and 1.2mm box chain.

All of the components used are sterling silver. I have several chains to choose from 925 sterling silver from 16 to 28”, some are adjustable. If you see a different chain on any of my other listings you like better, I would be happy to switch them out.

These pendants will be shipped to you in a gift box, with jewelry care instructions. The gift can also be shipped directly to the recipient and can include a personal message