Architest II Puzzle – Elevate a tripod of nails off the wood block


Architest II Puzzle – Thank, challenge & embarrass the owner and the project team with this architectural puzzle.

This handsome gift measures 5″ x 5″ x 2″. It has 1- gold nail (one stored in the center hole.) 3 nails sit on the top of the milled wood block ready to be assembled. Use the grooves at the corners to lock the nail heads in to form a stable tripod.

The Architest II Puzzle Challenge: Elevate the tripod of nails off the wood block using a nail as a wand. This is a folk tavern puzzle made of a milled maple wood block and 4 – 20P common golden nails. The fun is in the simple single solution. This is a match stick puzzle shown to me in a tavern in 1986.

1. Place The Architest II Puzzle on a level surface.

2. Assemble the tripod of nails on the wood block by leaning the nails together to form a simple tripod.

3. Remove the “wand nail” stored inside the wood block You have activated the puzzle!

The The Architest Challenge:
Use this “wand nail” to elevate the tripod of nails off the wood block in a vertical single lift. Hmmm

Use trial and error to understand what is going on.

Single architectural/structural solution.

Properties of the common nail is important

Balance, counter balance & friction

Group problem solve bring in the experts…

Good luck you will need it.

Architest II is an old tavern trick. This puzzle can be performed with wood matches and swizzle sticks in a bar.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 12 in