Runway Light Pendant ™ (cobalt blue) 12V Monopoint LED Rusted Ring 5″ (UL Listed)


Commercial Grade 12V LED Monopoint pendant made from a Fresnel lenses dome providing a distinctive visual decor to your kitchen, office or restaurant. Achieve a rustic, industrial or a modern look that people will notice and appreciate the optical performance & origin.

Remote Transformers available (3+ fixtures) Call for custom bid with significant price reductions for 65W remote transformer. Each LED fixture is UL Listed with hardware & instructions.

Track Lighting Quick Connect available for WAC, and most track series 12V track or 120V track.

RunwayLights™ are made from industrial parts called landing lights, or guidance lighting at airports, airfield and airstrips. They can be seen at railroad crossings, bridges. AKA Jelly Jar, obstruction lights, beacon lights or warning lights on towers and other tall structures.

Fresnel Optic Lens – Curved surfaces are replaced with flat surfaces or ridges creating an array of radiant prism rings with steeper prisms on the edges, and a flat or slightly convex center. This create a lighthouse or beacon effect distributing the illumination throughout the whole fixture and intensifying it into parallel illuminating beams at the center. We place the bulb toward the bottom for task lighting and use the Fresnel optics create a diffused glowing effect. You will find this lighting effect very pleasing to look as it delivers illumination to the work surface. The Fresnel optics reduces glare, making the fixture glow and radiate light.

(See additional lights & accessories for additional options)

Remote Transformers available (3+ fixtures) Call for custom bid with significant price reductions.

Includes: (ready to hang)

+  Glass Dome 4 3/8″ diameter 5 1/4″ tall in a variety of colors- (blue & clear)
+  5″ Metal Ring (lacquer finished)
+  84″ adjustable braided monopoint cord with quick connect.
+  12V Monopoint socket set with adjustable head for LED bi pin bulb.
+  LED 2W, “Bullet Bulb”  bi-pin (dimming)  – 300 Lumens or 40W equal, 2700K warm white, No UV no IR. Other LED bi-pin MR16 available.
+  5″ ceiling canopy teardrop shaped brushed nickel finish w/ 12V transformer.

Please see additional images for mounting, hardware, cord color & and accessory options.

Weight: 3 LBS

Box Size: 6x6x6

Shipping: 2-4 weeks


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Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in