Insulator Light Lantern Wine Barrel Hoop Chandelier- 500 Lumen dimming



This western styled chandelier combines several materials including brass, glass, steel and chain and shackle & chain. The light fixture includes 4 glass insulators, wine barrel hoop, chain & canopy and hardware.

The chandelier is fully assembled and ready to hang. it includes canopy & hardware.

Chain length needs to be coordinated to match ceiling height and customer mounting height needs.

Insulators are mounted with a brass fittings and brass tubing to the wine barrel hoop.
The insulators are easily removed to clean or relamp.

See other configurations. Custom designed chandeliers available on request.

Chandelier includes:
4 – Insulator Lights lantern with7 metal hoods mounted to wine barrel hoop. (clear blue/green)
4 – Insulators are mounted with a brass fitting and brass tubing to steel hoop
1 – Wine barrel hoop +- 18″ diameter x 3″ tall (rustic finish)
1 – 4 chains connecting hoop to ceiling canopy loops with shackle hardware.
1 – Ceiling canopy & hardware (heavy duty)
4 – LED 120V 6W 500 lumen bulbs (dimmable)

This is a custom RailroadWare chandelier made with insulator & 7″ metal hoods. The suspended insulators are mounted wine barrel hoop (galvanized or rusted, +-2 foot diameter). with 4 copper gooseneck tubes. There are 4 chain mounts to a single ceiling canopy (as shown in photo). Custom options are available. Depending on your ceiling height and fixture trim height, the chandelier can be chain hung (single chain) to a ceiling canopy. This chain can be exposed (standard) or the chain and wires can covered with a fabric cord cover supplied by the customer.



Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in


Insulator Color

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Canopy Color - Ceiling/Wall

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