Insulator Light Chandelier Cluster 10 LED – 120V/6W 500 Lumens, dimming


This Chandelier Cluster of 10 glass insulators is our latest concept in dramatic lighting using historic glass insulators or industrial artifacts wired and illuminated with high output LED bulbs.

Heavy duty canopy The 10 wires literally pour out of the ceiling canopy. The wires pass through an adjustable steel ring bollo to adjust the array.  The cluster of insulators cascade down 5' and are arranged around a 8″ steel ring hoop locked into the insulator groove. All fixture parts are adjustable in height & location.

Railroadware combines industrial artifacts with modern technology to craft a unique decorative fixture that has historical significance. This is not a reproduction. It is the real thing! All parts are sourced regionally. Some insulators are over a 100 years old.

The Insulatorlight Chandelier Cluster is ready to hang.

  • Glass Insulator – (10 Insulators Shown) – 3 5/8″ x 4″ tall
  • Adjustable –  cord lengths 5'-0″  (Ready to hang and adjust)
  • Heavy Duty Canopy  Steel, 5″ ceiling canopy with cast iron washer & bracket screws & hardware for mounting to ceiling junction box.  (white & black or rusted steel canopies available)
  • Light Bollo Hardware –  2″ Steel RR Washer, a wood pin type Insulator cobb can be used for accent and adjustment.
  • LED 6W Bulbs –  candelabra base LED 120/6W bulbs 500 Lumens, 2700K, recessed into fixture.
  • Instructions & hardware included –  (See images on website)

Weight 25 LBS

Size width of chandelier Cluster 2'-0″, Cord 5' long .

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