Upcycled & repurposed common industrial artifacts transformed into

rr-logoproducts that provide a historical accent to commercial or residential spaces. Combining the ruggedness of upcycled industrial steel and glass, our products add distinctive depth and texture to your decor without overwhelming. They are also delightfully functional and all made in USA.


Careful thought goes into the design of each of our lighting products to ensure that each Railroadware insulator pendant provides sufficient illumination to accommodate specific task needs or combine as a group to add flare and general lighting to a larger space. Our hardware products are rugged and highly ergonomic making them pleasing to touch but incredibly durable. This combination of unique strength and style, flare and function makes Railroadware products a continuously satisfying aesthetic investment decision that will set your space apart and provide timeless enjoyment.

We invite you to explore our entire line of Railroadware products and see where your design ideas can go